Contact Information

Initiative for the Advancement of Education in Africa (IAEA)
P. O. Box 27322
Houston, Texas 77227-7322, USA


Welcome to IAEA

Initiative for the advancement of Education in Africa (IAEA) is a US based non-profit, 501(C)(3) IRS tax- exempt organization with headquarter in Houston, Texas.

 IAEA was founded by a group of like-minded professionals who volunteered to make contributions towards the advancement of education in Africa. The organization is funded through donations from individual, corporations and IAEA members.

The Vision

Africa with Self-Sustaining, World-Class Education Accessible to all.

Our Mission

Contribute to the financial, material, and inspirational support needed to advance Education in Africa. These include:

  1. Seeking the commitments of Africans, World leaders and institutions to "education" as the foremost priority in Africa.
  2. Raising funds for scholarships, construction of school/facilities, and pedagogical supplies.
  3. Promoting and facilitating contacts and exchanges between African Universities and worldwide academic institutions.
  4. Mentoring and providing guidance/encouragement to students and professional new-hires.
  5. Disseminating among the African masses (especially parents) inspirational anecdotes on the importance of education and its effect on the future of the continent.